Book your probationary licence test

Book your probationary licence test must to know

– 12 months in the period immediately before applying for a driver licence if you are under 21 years

– 6 months in the period immediately before applying for a driver licence if you are over 21 years but under 25 years

– 3 months in the period immediately before applying for a driver licence if you are

25 years or over.

These period may be reduced if you are the holder of a motorcycle licence or permit and have held this for 12 or more months.

      • Not be disqualified from driving in Victoria, in Australia or oversea
      • Pass a computerised hazard Perception Test and then pass the driving test.

Continuous period means that the permit must not have been broken by a suspension, cancellation or a break in continuity such as allowing the permit to expire before regaining a new permit.

      • If you are under 21 years when you apply for a probationary licence, you mustproduce evidence of having completed 120 hours of supervised driving (including at least 10 hours at night) by presenting the Learner Log Book:

– All necessary details must be completed and each entry signed.

– The declaration of Completion must be signed by both the applicant and a

supervising driver. The List of Supervising Drivers must be completed and signed

by all supervising drivers.

– You should carefully read the instructions on the front of the Learner Log Book to understand how to fill in the log book correctly. An incomplete or incorrect Learner Log Book will not be accepted. You will not be able to take your driving test, all your fees will be forfeited, and you cannot take your test for six weeks.

There are serious consequences if entries in the Learner Log Book are found to be incomplete or incorrect. You will lose your booking and test fees, and be prevented from taking the probationary licence test for at least six weeks. You may also be liable to penslties under the Road Safety Act 1986.

You can book your test:

      • By phone (see page 10)
      • In person (go to any VicRoads Customer Service Centre listed on the inside backcover of this handbook).

Note: If you cannot keep an appointment you will need to give VicRoads 24 hours notice to cancel your test, otherwise fees will not be refunded unless you produce a medical certificate or other supporting evidence. If you transfer your appointment, regardless of when you contact VicRoads, and additional appointment fee will apply.