Drive Test Flow

Get the basic procedures VIC driver's license

Get the basic procedures VIC driver’s license

Learner Permit Test Preparation

Must be at least 16 years of age to participate. Make multiple choice exam ( Chinese can answer ) on exam computer , after the adoption of available licenses for beginners .

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HPT Hazard perception test

You must be at least 18 years of age to participate. On your computer when you are driving on the assessment of risk to predict and processing capabilities ( Chinese can answer ) , through the exam to participate in the actual driving test .

Simulation exercises conducted HPT

Learn to drive and road test

Enroll in school to learn car driving course to take sufficient exercise . More than 21 years direct examination , under 21 years of age and complete the required 120 hours logbook registration exercise . The exam includes parallel parking, three points turn

Notes During the examination

Book your probationary licence test

Through the road test , you will do as you age admitted to practice different driving license “P ” brand , if you have a good practice  period specified safe driving record , you can continue to obtain full driving license.

Book your probationary licence test

Detailed procedures and international license persons

Get detailed license 10 steps

Recognized from zero to obtain license details and understand each step of the application documents made ​​ready

10 steps to get a license

Local driving awareness and technical upgrading courses

Raise awareness of local roads and improve the live of local driving. This course is suitable for holding a local driving license or international license persons .

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